“In the course of our activities as Consultants to the Construction Industry we have worked with CHJ Management for many years on a wide variety of Surety Bond propositions across the UK and Europe.

We have always received first class service and CHJ have delivered patient expertise not least with difficult cases. CHJ’s extensive connections with Sureties outside the UK have been very effective where the UK Surety Market has not provided the necessary facility.

We look forward to further fruitful collaboration with CHJ.”

John-Dominic Curran
Construction Specialist Insurance Bureau

“The help and guidance received from you and your team over many years has been invaluable.

We always count on CHJ finding a solution to our surety needs and look forward to continuing to work with you.”

Paul Vincent
Bennett Gould and Partners

“When it comes to surety you can be sure that this firm will hit the mark with professionalism, knowledge and service. I have used the many times and there is certainly a provider of choice.”

Paul Woodhead
WTJ Insurance Brokers Ltd

It has been more than 5 years since I met Mark and Anna and it has been a very positive relationship since the beginning.

I contacted them looking for a very unusual type of business and they were very enthusiastic since I told about the project.  After several meetings, they came up with a solution, something that I honestly, did not hope due to the complexity of the business.

I highly recommend cooperating with them. Apart from their professionality, Mark and Anna are very close and it is very easy to dialogue with them, always trying to reach the best solution for any request.”

Juan R. Garcia
Euro Compass Solutions

I have worked with you & your team for the last 5 years and really appreciate the professional, technical, insightful service that you deliver.

You are undoubted experts in the surety field and are able to deliver innovative, economic & compliant solutions for bonds & guarantees of all shapes & sizes.

A great personal service and always a pleasure to speak to you & engage with you.

You are my go to provider and look forward to the next 5 years of the roller coaster & challenging market conditions that we will have to work in.”

Tony Parker
Borland Insurance Ltd